Joining UNAC has never been easier!

Click here to download or print the membership application form

Once completed, forms may be sent to the UNAC office by email to or by mail to:

UNAC Membership
PO Box 755895
Fairbanks, AK 99775-5895

Fax: (907) 474-2465

Why should I join as a Full Member?

Full Membership provides unit members with the full protection of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) negotiated between United Academics and the University of Alaska. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • salary increases resulting from negotiations
  • benefits such as healthcare coverage and paid time off
  • advice when seeking career advancement, including obtaining tenure and/or promotion
  • advocacy when problems arise from a violation of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), University policy, Board of Regents policy and regulation, and/or Alaska state statutes
  • representation in cases when the University administration attempts to sanction faculty members
  • protection of faculty members’ academic freedom

Joining as a Full Member grants you additional opportunities to participate directly in key aspects of your union that are not available to members who opt-out of paying dues. For example, Full Members are eligible to vote in elections for statewide officers, as well as Vice Presidents (Org VPs) and members of the Representative Assembly (RA) for each campus. In this way, Full Members are empowered to help shape the work of United Academics. Serving on one of the union’s various committees, such as the Joint Health Care Committee or the team that negotiates the Collective Bargaining Agreement, presents another opportunity to contribute significantly to your union. Full Members can also run for and hold elective office at any level of the union, thus gaining a direct voice in achieving the objectives of United Academics. Finally, Full Members have the ability to vote on important issues, including the approval of newly negotiated Collective Bargaining Agreements and amendments to the Constitution of United Academics.

The more faculty members become involved in United Academics, the stronger our organization will be. A strong organization means a strong contract, better working conditions, and an improved University of Alaska. Please take the time to enroll or upgrade your status to Full Membership today. Talk to a member of the Representative Assembly from your campus if you have questions or if you want to become more involved in the work of United Academics.


Because all faculty enjoy the protections offered by the Collective Bargaining Agreement, we encourage all faculty to become full dues paying members. Dues are 1.05% of your salary and are deducted on a bi-weekly basis from your University paycheck. Your dues allow United Academics to function and effectively protect our members’ working conditions and other needs. Dues for Full Members entitle you to full membership benefits, privileges, and voting rights. 

Last updated October 2021