June 2014 Update

Members of United Academics met with our Alaska congressional delegation on 11 and 12 June 2014. Tim Wilson and Abel Bult-Ito met with Senator Lisa Murkowski and representative Don Young. David Valentine, Pat Fort, Nelta Edwards, Debu Misra, Tim Wilson, and Abel Bult-Ito met with Senator Begich.

We discussed American Association of University Professors (AAUP) higher education priorities and principles, including access and affordability for college students, political interference in research, and sensible regulations that protect students and taxpayers. Our congressional delegation was very interested in our issues and we thank them for meeting with us.

The UA Budget meeting with the UA Administration on 20 June 2014 to discuss unrestricted net assets had to be cancelled because of an unforeseen development. This meeting has been rescheduled for 31 July 2014 at 9-11am.

Professor Anthony Rickard, Mathematics Education at UAF, and Associate Professor Soren Orley, Accounting at UAA, have agreed to join Abel Bult-Ito to discuss these budget issues with the president’s group.

President Gamble will be joined by Dr. Ashok Roy, UA Vice President of Finance/CFO, Myron Dosch, UA Controller, and Donald Smith, UA Executive Director of Labor and Employee Relations.

United Academics members will be able to call in and listen to the discussion. You will receive call-in information when it is available. We would also very much appreciate it if you would note any questions and suggestions you may have and forward those to Abel Bult-Ito before or after the meetings. We would like to involve you in the process. Abel will share this information with Soren and Tony so that the issues can be addressed at subsequent meetings.

This is a wonderful opportunity for United Academics to discuss the budget with the UA administration directly and the intent is to find solutions to the budget shortfalls that are constructive, may otherwise not have been considered, and above all protect our students.