Governing Documents

This page provides links to various forms and documents used by our membership. If you are looking for a form or document which is not available here, please contact us.

Dues Deduction Form [doc] (United Academics)
This form is required to be on file for employment at the University of Alaska. It must only be re-submitted in the event of a change in election. If you do not have a line item on your paystub for dues deduction, please contact us.

University of Alaska Ethics Disclosure Form [pdf]
Use this form to fulfill the employment requirement for disclosure of Employment or Service Outside UA. Send completed forms to your Campus Ethics Representative as noted on the form.

Travel Expense Report
This is for use by all members and staff, who have had travel pre-authorized, to submit expenses for reimbursement

PAC Form [pdf] (United Academics)
Use this form to contribute to the Political Action Committee.

Grievance Form [online] (United Academics)
This is for use by unit members inquiring about grievance matters.