Special Representative Assembly Meeting

Tuesday 18 September 2018 at 9am

Dial in information: 1-866-832-7806 participant #1207653


9:00am Role call

9:02am Discussion and vote on the following motion:

The United Academics AAUP-AFT Local 4996 Representative Assembly apportions the RA membership for the fall 2018 election as:

UAS Main Campus: 2

UAS Extended Sites: 1


UAA Main Campus: 9

UAA Extended Sites: 1


UAF Main Campus: 9

UAF Extended Sites: 1

Background information:

With the election of the Organizational Vice Presidents (Org VPs) and the Representative Assembly (RA) members around the corner, the RA needs to apportion the number of RA members on each main campus and group of extended sites for each university.


According to our bylaws, an RA member is allotted for each 50 bargaining unit members assigned. In addition, the UAS main campus receives a minimum of two RA members and each group of extended sites for each university receives a minimum of one RA member.


The number of bargaining unit members are as follows:

UAS Main Campus: 74; 74/50 = 1.48

UAS Extended Sites: 32; 32/50 = 0.64


UAA Main Campus: 453; 453/50 = 9.06

UAA Extended Sites: 72; 72/50 = 1.44


UAF Main Campus: 439; 439/50 = 8.78

UAF Extended Sites: 53; 53/50 = 1.06

9:20 Good of the membership

9:30 Adjourn