Elections and Voting

Special Election (see forms below)


RE: Special Election to elect the Secretary/Treasurer

Thank you for being an active member in your faculty union!  The current Secretary/Treasurer has resigned the position.  According to UNAC Bylaws, a special election must be held to fill the vacancy within 60 days.  The timeline for this special election is outlined below.

The person elected will complete a three-year term ending June 30, 2023.  This is a tremendous opportunity to promote the interests of higher education in Alaska! Nominations will open on August 7 and close August 27.  Voting will open on August 31 and close on September 14.

UNAC contracts with Votenet Solutions, Inc. to conduct secure online elections. Qualified voters will receive an e-mail Alaska.unitedacademics@gmail.com opening nominations on August 7.   If you do not receive this e-mail contact the Elections Committee member from your university for verification of your voting status.   Only active dues paying members get to vote or serve in an elected office position.   Again, remember to be watching your email on August 7.

Candidates must have been UNAC members in good standing for at least one (1) year. Individuals interested in nominating or running must download the form via the secure link provided in the upcoming Votenet e-mail and obtain endorsement from at least ten (10) members in good standing. 

The current Bylaws list the duties of the Secretary/Treasurer in Article III Section 2.


07/29/20          Notification of upcoming special election via (this) email.

08/07/20          Open nominations via email from Votenet Solutions, Inc.

08/27/20          Nominations close.

08/31/20          Voting opens via email from Votenet Solutions, Inc.

09/06/20          Election committee will email reminder to vote!

09/14/20          Voting closes.

09/21/20          Results of special election announced.

The Elections Committee members serving for this election are:  

UAA: Allan Barnes (Chair) arbarnes@alaska.edu

UAS: Jill Dumesnil jadumesnil@alaska.edu

UAF: Judith Ramos jramos2@alaska.edu

Extended Sites: Polly Hyslop physlop@alaska.edu


2020 Election Results

President – Abel Bult-Ito, UAF, was elected as President, and Soren Orley, UAA, as Secretary/Treasurer.  Each will serve a three-year term of office beginning July 1, 2020 and ending June 30, 2023.   

Voting Procedures

UNAC contracts with Votenet Solutions, Inc. to conduct secure online elections. On December 20, 2019, qualified voters will receive an email from Votenet opening nominations. As with candidates, voting members are those who have been active, dues-paying members as of payroll Run 24. If you have not received email concerning the upcoming elections or you do not receive an email from Votenet, contact the Elections Committee member from your University for verification of your voting status, or the UNAC Contract Manager, Cyndee West .

updated December 20, 2019