AY23 Election Cycle

Open positions: President, Secretary, Treasurer

Our regularly scheduled election cycle for statewide officers will be conducted according to the timelines laid out in our by-laws. Specifically:

Tuesday, Nov 29–notification of open nominations —>

Monday, Dec. 19 nomination packets with 10 endorsements are due from nominees—>

Monday, Feb 6 elections open —>

Thursday, Feb 16 elections close

Nomination Process

For the three statewide positions, any dues-paying member-in-good-standing may self-nominate or be nominated by an active (dues-paying) member.

Nomination packets must include:

  1. the name of the office for which the member is running
  2. a candidate statement that will appear on the ballot (250 words max)
  3. an optional ‘headshot’ that will appear on the ballot (150 pixels max)
  4. endorsements from 10 members (see Nov. 29 email re: open nominations for correct gathering of endorsements)

Nominations must be emailed to the UNAC Election Committee with the necessary documents prior to 5:00pm AKT on Monday, December 19, 2022.

After nominations close, the UNAC Elections Committee, with assistance from union staff, will certify the candidates and then send verified candidates to Election Runner for ballot preparation.

***Late submissions cannot be accepted.***