Welcome to Negotiations

Dear United Academics Colleague,


On behalf of your union, welcome to the 2016-2017 academic year!


As you may know, our collective bargaining agreement with the University of Alaska expires on December 31, 2016.  During the Fall 2016 semester, United Academics AAUP/AFT Local 4996 will be negotiating on your behalf with the University of Alaska to develop a new CBA to succeed our current agreement.  Our goal is to complete negotiation of a fair and competitive CBA by the end of 2016.


The first negotiation meeting between your UNAC negotiation team and the University of Alaska negotiation team is scheduled for noon on Monday September 19 in room 208 of the Bragaw office building at 1815 Bragaw Street in Anchorage.  We are scheduled to continue negotiations at the same location, beginning at 10 am, on Tuesday September 20.  UA/UNAC negotiation sessions are open to the public.

Periodic email updates will be provided as negotiations proceed and additional information will be available at unitedacademics.net as well.


The members of your United Academics negotiation team are:


  • Candi Dierenfield, Term Associate Professor of Extension, UAF
  • Pat Fort, Professor of Accounting, UAA
  • Tony Rickard, Professor of Mathematics Education, UAF
  • Mike Stekoll, Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, UAS
  • Cyndee West, Contract Manager, UNAC


The members of the University of Alaska negotiation team are:


  • Geoffrey Bacon, Director of Employee and Labor Relations, UA Statewide
  • Suzan Bast, Labor Relations Coordinator, UA Statewide
  • Gwen Gruenig, Associate VP, Institutional Research and Analysis, UA Statewide
  • Paul Layer, Dean, College of Natural Science and Mathematics, UAF
  • Deborah Lo, Dean, School of Education and Graduate Studies, UAS
  • Keli Hite McGee, Chief Human Resources Officer, UA Statewide
  • John Petraitis, Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, UAA


We will send out regular negotiation updates throughout the Fall 2016 semester.  Also, additional information regarding negotiations will be available at unitedacademics.net.


Please feel free to contact me at adrickard@alaska.edu if you have any concerns or questions about UA/UNAC negotiations.


In solidarity,


Tony Rickard.