Governing Documents

Collective Bargaining Agreement


The Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) governs numerous facets of faculty employment such as salary, benefits, teaching reviews, tenure & promotion, academic freedom, grievances, complaints, and contract renewals. A committee of United Academics representatives meets with University of Alaska administration to renegotiate the CBA every three years.

To access the current CBA in its entirety, please select the link below:

2017-19 CBA

If you have any questions regarding the way in which the CBA is working for you, you may contact the Contract Manager at 907 474-2461.  You may also contact your organizational Vice-President, or any of the Representative Assembly members from your campus.  Their contact information may be found here.  

UNAC Constitution and Bylaws

These are the documents that stipulate the policies and procedures of UNAC, including  membership rights, duties and responsibilities of officers and the Representative Assembly, and establishment of specific subcommittee.  The Constitution may be amended in one of two ways: a proposed amendment may be submitted by at least 25% of the total membership in good standing, or a proposed amendment must be ratified by   a 2/3s majority  of the RA. Proposed changes in bylaws require proper notice to the membership in good standing, with approval required from 2/3s of the total RA membership.

UNAC Constitution (2018)

UNAC Bylaws (2019)

updated December 2019