Elections Committee

If you believe you are an active member of UNAC, but have not been receiving emails related to upcoming/scheduled elections, please contact the election committee member(s) representing your MAU for verification of your eligibility.  For extended sites, please contact the MAU member that your extended campus is affiliated with.

Prospective candidates must  submit their form with at least 10 endorsements from members in good standing to an Elections Committee representative from their university. 

Allan Barnes (chair), arbarnes@alaska.edu; (907) 786-1819
Stasia Straley, scstraley@alaska.edu; (907) 786-4137
Jill Dumesnil, jadumesnil@alaska.edu; (907) 796-6242
Judith Ramos, jramos2@alaska.edu; (907) 474-6652
Polly Hyslop, physlop@alaska.edu; (907) 474-6418

updated December 2019