UNAC Committees

The Representative Assembly maintains a number of standing and ad hoc committees that address topics and issues of importance to union members. Committees welcome issues, concerns, and suggestions from faculty. Dues-paying members are also welcome and encouraged to join a committee! Please contact a member of the relevant committee.

All standing committee descriptions are in our by-laws. Our current ad-hoc committees are our Campaign Action Team (CAT) and our Non-Tenure Track Committee.

Collective Bargaining Committee (CBC)*Legislative RelationsMembership & Organizing
CHAIR, Tim Hinterberger (UAA)CHAIR, Pete Praetorius (Mat-Su)CHAIR, Deb Mole (UAA)
Anthony (Tony) Rickard (UAF)Maria Williams (UAA)Kevin Maier (UAS)
Jill Dumesnil (President)Art Nash (UAF) Debu Misra (UAF)
Debu Misra (UAF)John Lutterman (UAA)
*The CBC informs the UNAC Negotiations Team (see UNAC Bylaws for details).
Finance, Budget & AuditJoint HealthcareConstitution & Bylaws
CHAIR, Kristen Ogilvie (UAA)Jill Dumesnil (UAS, President) CHAIR, VACANT
Nelta Edwards (Treasurer)Leah Berman (UAF)Leah Berman (UAF)
Haiwei Chen (UAF)Abel Bult-Ito (UAF)Pete Praetorious (Mat-Su)
Melanie Arthur (alternate, UNAC staff)Kristen Ogilvie (UAA)
Elections CommitteeNegotiations Team
Chair, Sharon Chamard (UAA)TBD
Gordon Williams (UAF)
Paulette Schirmer (UAS)
Sara Buckingham (UAA)

State and National Union Boards

Our elected Representatives also represent UNAC on state (APEA/AFT) and national (AFL-CIO) union boards.

Seat A:
Jill Dumesnil (UAS)
Seat A:
Anthony (Tony) Rickard (UAF)
Abel Bult-Ito (UAF)
Alternate for Seat A:
Abel Bult-Ito (UAF)
Alternate for Seat A:
Abel Bult-Ito (UAF)
Nelta Edwards (UAA)
Seat B: Tim Hinterberger (UAA)Seat B: Nelta Edwards (UAA)
Alternate for Seat B:
Nelta Edwards (UAA)
Alternate for Seat B:
Sharon Chamard (UAA)