Zoom Profile Pictures and Backgrounds

We encourage our members and allies to use the images below during work meetings on Zoom or similar platform. Right click on the image(s) below that you want to use, and save them to your computer.

Changing Zoom profile pictures: To add an image as your Zoom profile picture, go to your Zoom account, select profile, and then edit your profile picture to upload our UNAC profile picture. The image will remain your profile picture until you change it, or until you are logged out of your Zoom account. If the image disappears, it could be because you were logged out of Zoom.

Changing Zoom background pictures: When you log onto a Zoom meeting, click on the small ‘up’ arrow next to your camera icon. Select ‘choose virtual background.’ Next, click the ‘+’ button and upload our UNAC image to your virtual background selection. The image and words should appear backwards to you in order to appear correctly to other viewers.

Use our logo as your background! This one is sized for use as a Zoom background when cameras are on.
This one makes a great profile picture when cameras are off.
This one also makes a great profile picture when cameras are off.