UAA RA Members

As of June 2020, there are two open seats for UAA on the RA. If you are interested in serving in UNAC leadership by becoming an RA member for UAA, please contact Cyndee West  for additional information. 

The following are the Representative Assembly (RA) members for the University of Alaska Anchorage for the term 2018-2021.

Soren Orley


UAA, Anchorage: Accounting and Finance

(907) 486-4141;

Sharon Chamard

UAA Organizational Vice President

UAA, Anchorage: Justice Center

(907) 786-1813;

Erik Carlson

UAA, Anchorage: Consortium Library


Sharyl Toscano

UAA, Anchorage: Nursing

(907) 786-6377;


Max Kullberg

UAA, Anchorage: WWAMI 

(907) 786-7708;

Nelta Edwards

UAA, Anchorage: Sociology

(907) 786-4654;

Tim Hinterberger

UAA, Anchorage: WWAMI

(907) 786-4632;

Ian van Tets

UAA, Anchorage: Biological Sciences

(907) 786-4705;

Ian Hartman photo

Ian Hartman

UAA, Anchorage: History

(907) 786-1594;


updated June 2020