UA statewide administration employee compensation study

The four documents included here are related to the University of Alaska statewide administration study of employee compensation.  As the documents show, UA statewide has retained a number of consultants to analyze and make recommendations about the compensation of UA employees.  Included are

(1) a presentation about compensation of all employees made to the UA Board of Regents on 9/14/2018;

(2) a presentation specific to faculty compensation made to the faculty compensation advisory group on 10/1/2018;

(3) a spreadsheet with the peer groups used in the study for UAA, UAF, and UAS;

and (4) a document from the Economic Research Institute regarding how it calculates “cost of labor” which is used in the UA employee compensation study.  

Please note that UNAC was asked for input only on the composition of the UAA, UAF, and UAS peer groups.  Furthermore, UNAC has expressed substantive concerns to the consultants and UA about “cost of labor” versus “cost of living” factors used in the study and how it impacts the conclusions of the study for faculty salary and overall compensation.  Finally, it is not clear how or to what extent any of the findings or recommendations of the study will be implemented by UA.  Please review this information and contact your UNAC local leadership, including members of the Representative Assembly with any comments or concerns you may have.


— In solidarity, Tony Rickard, UNAC Interim UAF Organizational VP