Commitment to Excellence and United Academics’ Guiding Principles

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United Academics AAUP-AFT Local 4996 commits to antiracism, acknowledges its past and present implicit and explicit contributions to systemic racism, and resolves to do better.

UNAC Stands for Higher Education

Approved by UNAC Representative Assembly on 03 June 2020 – United Academics Guiding Principles Statement to the UA Board of Regents

The United Academics Representative Assembly sent a Guiding Principles statement to the Board of Regents of the University of Alaska System. This statement included a request for thorough and open analyses for all academic decisions and reference to some of the ideals that are relevant to higher education.

UNAC Guiding Principles Preamble – “We put the academic mission at the center of everything we do, while honoring our differences, remembering our past, looking towards the future, and educating for the common good.”

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  • Prioritize the Academic Mission
  • Build the Future
  • Honor Our Differences
  • Educate for the Common Good