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The Representative Assembly (RA) is the governing body of United Academics – AAUP/AFT Local 4996 (United Academics), subject to the final authority of the membership. The RA meets regularly for the purposes of establishing organizational policies, approve the annual operating budget, receive and review reports of the President, the Executive Board and committees, and conduct other business as necessary.

RA members are elected by members in good-standing, and serve a three-year term. At each main campus (UAA, UAF, UAS) and at all extended sites collectively for each university, one representative will be elected for each 50 dues-paying Bargaining Unit members. Each main campus has a minimum of two representatives each, while the extended sites associated with each university are collectively assigned one representative each. For additional information on the qualifications and duties of the RA, please refer to Article IV in the bylaws.

The RA, the Executive Board and all UNAC members are supported through the efforts of the Contract Manager and Organizing Manager.  The primary responsibilities of the Contract Manager is specializing in the CBA,  working with faculty, staff and university administration to ensure that everyone is in compliance with the CBA, and supporting the RA and Executive Board.  The Contract Manager also manages member complaints and potential grievances, providing advice, assistance and conducting due diligence to ensure complaints or potential grievances are in fact violations of the CBA before bringing the matter to administration and/or the governing body of the union. The primary responsibilities of the Organizing Manager is to communicate with membership via newsletters, announcements, our website, and social media; assist UNAC Committees; the RA; and the Executive Board; maintain membership rosters; and grow our dues-paying membership.