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In addition to representing faculty members and ensuring that all faculty work under fair labor practices that honor the current CBA, UNAC  is a source of information about shared  governance, working environments at other universities and colleges in the United States, and emerging issues of interest to represented faculty.

Within the university, your union supports shared governance by ensuring that faculty working conditions are fair, safe and in compliance with the current collective bargaining agreement. The union’s governing body is composed of faculty, many of whom have  served or are serving on faculty senates.  The CBA, along with the faculty senates’ handbooks and the Board of Regents policies and procedures set forth the conditions and parameters of faculty positions, promotions, and evaluations – whether  tenure or non-tenure.  Thus, in addition to being aware of the parameters of the most current CBA, faculty need also to be familiar with the components of their respective faculty senate’s policies and procedures, as well as with the policies and procedures as codified through the Board of Regents. The American Association of University Professors is another excellent resource for training, information and resources for faculty. 

As elected members, the UNAC Representative Assembly members and Faculty Senators represent you – their constituent. They bring your issues, concerns and ideas to their respective governing body for discussion and potential action.  Successful shared governance happens not through a few engaged  faculty, but when all  faculty are informed, active, and involved.  If you have not familiarized yourself with the Faculty Senate representing you and/or the BOR’s policies, here are quick links to the relevant pages.   The other menu tabs in this section offer a variety of useful resources for represented faculty.

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