Meeting Agendas & Minutes

The UNAC Representative Assembly meets face-to-face a minimum of two times a year.  There is typically an RA meeting in October and one in February.  During the February meeting the union’s operating budget is approved for the coming academic year.  All meetings, unless a special executive session is called, are open to represented faculty.  Additional meetings, either in person, or through online video-conferencing/audio-conferencing, may also be called in response to emerging issues that require RA input and/or voting. In addition to participating in the RA meetings, the Executive Board meets generally once a month during the academic year.

Current academic year agendas for both groups are posted below, and meeting minutes are posted after they have been approved at the following meeting. All meeting records, current and historic, are maintained at the union’s statewide office on the UAF campus and are available for review.

Representative AssemblyExecutive Board